Boxing is, for those who make Loving Boys Boxing, much more than a sport, probably the most exciting of all. It is a huge and expectant opportunity, which awaits around the corner. The opportunity to consecrate true champions, not only in the ring, but also in life.

Our staff of boxers, both amateur and professional level, prepares to compete in the elite. In fact, some members of Loving Boys already had his world championship chance. But at the same time, we are passionate about developing a task to accompany beyond the ring. Learn who they are, what they need, what they are looking for when it comes to the ring.

Without haste or pause, we join their dreams.

And we commited to honor the rich history of this activity, the Sweet Science of jab and direct, leaving the best of us. Until the bell rings for the next round.

  • Daniel Amoroso

    Daniel Amoroso

    Ideologue and soul of the project, a passionated of this wonderful sport.

  • Néstor Berdote

    Néstor Berdote

    Chief operating officer, the man who is everywhere, and never throw in the towel.

  • Claudio Pachorra Moreno

    Claudio Pachorra Moreno

    The coach in charge of the gym, the magic hands that guide the boys and girls that wear gloves. At 44, brings expertise in global and regional bouts, and their consistency and ethics are setting an example.

  • Walter Quintero

    Walter Quintero

    Boxing doctor, a man who has spent 25 years in the sport and collaborated with dozens of world champions.

  • Marcia Onzari

    Marcia Onzari

    With a degree in Nutrition, she oversees the diet of each fighter. Teacher and author of several books on the subject, is a pivotal reference in the sport.

  • Rodrigo Díaz y Cristian Gómez

    Rodrigo Díaz y Cristian Gómez

    Technicians who work closely with Pachorra and add drive and talent.

  • Hernán Juarez y Darío Gebel

    Hernán Juarez y Darío Gebel

    In charge of the physical training and labor complement, fundamental for the development of the fighters.

The opportunity to consecrate true champions, not only in the ring, but also in life.
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